My name is Asha M. Dafalla, A wife and a mother of three children. I am a community worker at Lavie Foundation, Nairobi. I first donated blood in 1981 when I was in Form 3, I lost consciousness after the blood donation and this kept me away from donating blood again until 1986. My friend and colleague back then, Madam Leah, requested me to accompany her to Mater hospital to donate blood for her brother who had been involved in an accident. My second donation experience was good and it opened my eyes on the importance of blood donation. I have been donating blood regularly since then, starting with once a year, twice and now am at three times a year. I have taken regular breaks when I am expectant and during breastfeeding periods. Donating blood makes me feel good knowing that I have saved lives with a priceless commodity, it gives me great satisfaction.

I got enrolled to the Text for Life platform which reminds me through text messages to my phone when I am due for the next donation. I also feel appreciated and encouraged when I receive a “Thankyou” message thanking me after donation.  “Happy birthday” messages makes me more elated.

My husband has now appreciated the importance of donating blood and now accompanies me for the blood donation sessions and he has since become a regular donor.  My 21 years old son has since become a regular blood donor since when he attained the age of 19. I have learnt that one needs to be healthy to ensure the safety of his or her blood.  I have so far donated 53 times.

I donate blood to give back to my community. I would urge all, men and women to ask themselves, “What did I do for my community”?


  1. Arjun Mainali

    Mr. Arjun Prasad Mainali has put tireless efforts in educating, advocating, encouraging, promoting and creating awareness among thousands of people about the importance of blood donation for human civilization. He has an impressive stand on the need for donating blood, and how much a common person can contribute to it and make a substantial difference. He is a strong believer of humanitarian services and has contributed immensely to establish a society that believes in social responsibility.

    Understanding the knowledge level gap, and stereotype related to blood donation, he embodied the leadership approach of presenting himself as a role model. To this point, he has donated 171 (whole blood 122 times and platelets 49) times during his 32 years of blood donation movement. This amounts to 85.5 liters of whole blood and platelets combined. According to Red Cross, one pint of blood can help save as many as three people. By this account, Mr. Mainali has helped save precious lives of as many as 513 people. He himself has donated whole blood 6 times and platelets 13 times in the year of 2014, which is exceptional.

    He travelled to 16 countries (United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, Macau, Bermuda, Thailand, Nepal, India, Ecuador, Haiti, Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia) of 6 continents and 14 states of United States (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Alaska, California, Texas, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and New Hampshire) for the sole purpose of donating blood along with local people. He organized more than 300 blood drive programs and motivated local communities of these 16 countries by personally donating blood in more than 100 of these programs. Due to his efforts more than 200,000 people are educated on the need and importance of blood donation, 30,000 people came to blood donation programs, and 15,000 of them donated blood. As a result people from well above 700 local community organizations were mobilized.

    He has spent 5,650 minutes to draw his blood and platelets, which equals to bearing the needle on his arm for 94 hours and 12 minutes. He has spent around 1 thousand 5 hundred hours in blood drive camps with average of 5 hours per camp. Likewise, he is spending at least one hour daily on research, contacting people and motivating them for donating blood. In total, he has spent about 11 thousand 3 hundred hours in the last 32 years to create awareness on blood donation. He has spent 642 hours on traveling to donate blood. He has been awarding many individual and organizations who have actively helped donate blood.

    To institutionalize blood donation and campaign, he founded blood donors organizations; Blood Donors Association Nepal, Blood Donors of America, International Nepalese Blood Donors, and World Blood Donor Arjun Mainali Incorporation.

    He was awarded Leo of the Year Award, Presidential Volunteer Service Award, Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, Leader of the Year from Nepalese Association in Southeast America, ANA Hero from Association of Nepalis in the Americas, Good Neighbor from American Red Cross, Citation from New York State Assembly, Nassau County Legislature, Town of Oyster Bay, and many more other awards for his leadership skill, humanitarian service, and social contribution.

    Contact: P.O. Box 7115, Hicksville, New York 11802 Email: apmainali@hotmail.com Tel.: 9145841141

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